Sector: Resources and Remote site

System: 72,000 Potable water plant

Client: SANTOS

Location: Fairview, QLD



As part of the LNG project, SANTOS needed a reliable and effective method of providing clean potable water to camps. One of the main challenges on site was the limited access to water and it was important to use water wherever possible.



To ensure a constant and clean supply of water toFairviewcamp, Tricomms Construction designed and installed a potable water system capable in treating bore water to drinking standard.


The solution components included:


Potable water plant

  • This potable water plant is capable of treating up to 72000L/d of bore water to a potable use.
  • The treatment includes two primary 14” DMI filtration followed by three micron filtration at 50, 20 and 5 micron
  • pH correction system is installed to ensure a healthy pH range for human consumption
  • Water chlorination is provided to kill certain bacteria and other microbes
  • Treated water’s pH, free chlorine, temperature and turbidity are analysed and recirculates into the treated water tank to ensure the water is readily for use in SANTOS camp

Remote monitoring has been fitted to enable ongoing system assessment by qualified Tricomms Construction’s technicians. It’s like having your own technician onsite.



  • Up to 72,000L/d of filtered/disinfected water available for camp use
  • Environmental compliance
  • Optimised site water management and efficiency