Trial Unit

Sector: Resources and Remote site

System: VSEP

Client: SANTOS

Location: QLD



Brine water is a part of SANTOS’ operation and is costly to dispose and transport. It is crucial to process brine water to improve environmental compatibility and reduce disposal cost.



Tricomms Construction has designed a trial VSEP process plant capable in concentrating the brine water and produce fresh water for operation purposes.


VSEP Desalination Treatment Plant

  • Brine is drawn from a water tank and passes through two cartridge filters to remove larger particles before water is sent into the VSEP shakers
  • The VSEP shakers concentrates the brine and feeds permeate to the permeate tank.
  • Water chlorination is provided to kill certain bacteria and other microbes
  • Remote monitoring has been fitted to enable ongoing system assessment by qualified Tricomms Construction’s technicians. It’s like having your own technician onsite.



  • Up to L/d of treated construction water available for operation
  • Environmental compliance
  • Optimised site water management and efficiency