Sector: Resources and Remote site

System: Frac Water Treatment Facility

Client: SANTOS

Location: Springwater, QLD



Frac water is a part of the SANTOS’ drilling operations and a reliable and effective method of treating this water for reuse is essential to their operation due to limited access to water.



Tricomms Construction designed and installed a frac water treatment plant treating frac water which can be re-used for SANTOS’ operations.


The solution components included:


Recycled Water Treatment Plant

  • This recycled water plant is capable of treating up to 72000L/d of frac water
  • PAC (Powered Activated Carbon) and Clay are added into two primary mixing tanks. PAC and clay forms a complex with particles in the mixing tank.
  • Acid is fed into the mixing tanks for pH correction
  • ACH (Aluminium Chlorohydrate) is added to the mixing tanks to assist the formation of flocs from dissolved solids to be later settled in the clarifiers.
  • Two clarifiers are installed to separate water and complex where the complex would settle in the bottom of the clarifiers and the sludge are pumped away
  • The water then passes through 5 tube filters in parallel to remove excess smaller particles
  • A GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) unit is provided to treat the liquid stream free from suspended solids, by adsorption method to remove or catalyse the organic micro pollutants
  • Treated water is pumped into a concept storage tank and is readily available to use on site.

Remote monitoring has been fitted to enable ongoing system assessment by qualified Tricomms Construction’s technicians. It’s like having your own technician onsite.



  • Up to L/d of treated construction water available for operation
  • Environmental compliance
  • Optimised site water management and efficiency