Broadcast and Telecommunication Infrastructure

Tricomms National offers a comprehensive service in the building of infrastructure for
broadcast and telecommunication industries.


Services Include:

* Tower, mast and mono-pole construction

* Antenna mounts, cable tray, and equipment shelter installation

* Installations on structures including roof-tops, towers, light-poles and signs

* Walkways, handrails, ladder access and fencing installation.


Antenna Installation

Installation of all types of Antennas - on all types of structures, including:

  • Parabolic antennas, dipole’s and Yagi’s
  • Panel arrays for TV and FM radio
  • Slot antennas and dipole arrays for UHF systems
  • Panel antennas and microwave antennas and dishes
  • Satellite dishes
  • Fabrication of antenna mounts


Cables and Connectors

Tricomms National employs multi-skilled communication riggers and technicians experienced in the installation of all types of cables and connectors including:

  • Co-axial cables
  • Wave guide
  • Rigid line systems
  • Radiating cables
  • Cable earthing and lightning surge arrestors
  • Associated cable tray, housing and entry points


Rigger & Labour Hire

Tricomms National provides experienced and qualified staff at competitive hourly rates to clients over a period as rigger hire. Requirements can be met for individual or full crews including vehicles.


In Building Coverage (IBC)

Tricomms National provide professional, quality IBC system installation services using experienced technicians who have installed these systems in high-rise office buildings, major shopping centres and car parks.



Tricomms National can provide qualified and experienced communication riggers and technicians to maintain any broadcast and telecommunication site.


Areas of speciality include:

  • Removing and/or replacing antennas, parabolics and mounts,
  • Removing and/or replacing antenna stacks, feeder runs
  • Strengthening towers and monopoles


Survey and Site Inspection Service

Tricomms National is able to provide professional services to meet our client’s survey and inspection needs.


Services include:

  • All types of surveys and reporting,
  • Line of Sight/site inspections
  • RF hazard testing