Key Personnel

Tricomm Construction's directors with their vast experience have built a solid foundation for the company. Our management team consists of Steven Walker, Mark McHenry and Rhonda Norton. Working closely with our site managers and team members we can provide realistic services and deliver positive outcomes.


The management team develops specific needs for individual projects to ensure all of the projects elements are considered and planed for adequately. The team at Tricomm has the “can do” attitude instilled through out to give the best result possible. We are pleased to provide the following penpics of our key personnel.


Mark McHenry

Tricomm Construction Director

VIC Operations Manager


Mark has 12 years experience in the Construction Industry throughout Australia. In his capacity as company director, Mark has been responsible for site planning, steel procurement, installations, integration, testing & commissioning of infrastructure and external plant.


Marks relevant experience includes:

  • Completed four year apprenticeship as a mechanic.
  • Worked with Leighton Contractors, as a supervisor on the installation of a 30 million dollar aerial cable rollout for two years.
  • Worked with Baulderstone Hornibrook, as a supervisor on the construction of city link for 2 yrs over 1 billion dollar project.
  • Worked with Leighton Contractors as a construction manager on the ONE TEL rollout for 2 yrs approx 200million dollar project.


Steven Walker

Tricomm Construction Director

NSW Operations Manager


Steven has 16 years experience in the implementation and maintenance of communication systems throughout Australia. He completed an Associated Diploma in Electronic with Royal Australian Air Force. During his working career with the Defence Steven was deployed with a Mobile Communication Unit responsible for the implementation and maintenance of Airfield Navigational Systems and Mobile Communications Systems.


Skills obtained from this experience have set a strong platform for future business opportunities. Employed as a Senior Technician with LSE Technologies, Steven was responsible for the deployment of the Optus 2G network, duties involved Installation, Commissioning of Microwave Transmission systems & Mobile Base Station platforms, capacity upgrades of the Optus Mobile network and involved with the I&C of the Vodafone Highways project.


Rhonda Norton

Tricomm Construction Director

Financial / Logistics Project Manager


Rhonda has over 10 years’ experience in the field of project management in various fields ranging from change management, financial management, event management and civil construction / water treatment management.


Working for large organizations such as Boeing and Qantas, she has implemented full office and system integration from start-up to ensure correct reporting back to the Commonwealth in relation to defence maintenance contracts.


For a period of four years she worked closely with the Federal Government to report project management results for over $10 million in grants for research into the sustainable development of coal.


Coming from a finance background with over 10 years of accounting/marketing studies, Rhonda holds a Diploma of Management. These skills combine to provide vital experience and expertise for her current role with Tricomms, which enables her to monitor and prepare changes as required in this fast paced demanding role.


Tricomms have dedicated site project managers who report directly back to Rhonda, to ensure management of each site is maintained in a consistent and site specific manner.